“Everyday at Stoll’s you can find your favorite homemade goodies! We offer a full soup and salad bar boasting over 30 items. We always have two fresh soups available for those cold winter days or if you’re looking for something light. Our homemade vegetable soup, white and wheat bread, apple butter, and peanut butter spread as well as our most popular salads including broccoli and cauliflower salad, slaw, potato salad, creamy cucumbers, and pasta salad are all customer favorites! Once dinner is over, help yourself to a wide variety of pies, fruit cobblers, cakes, and ice cream. All desserts are homemade daily.”

“Stop in anytime to take your dinner home – to-go boxes available when you can’t dine in.”

“Our main menus are as follows – subject to change to add even more of your favorites!”